BBO Website

19 July 2019

Welcome to the brand new website of Bedrijfssport Brussel & Omstreken or BBO (Company Sport in Brussels and surroundings), a regional section of FROS Multisport Vlaanderen. It’s still under construction, but the looks are already visible. More content and pages are to come.

This site is still under construction, but what you can read is already OK 🙂

We are a small team of motivated volunteers who, during the year, organize recreational sport competitions for companies (five-a-side during lunch time or in the evening, as well as volleyball in the evening). Moreover, we offer sport events, sometimes organized by BBO in collaboration with FROS or other parties, sometimes organized by other external organizations, such as the run through Brussels, a beachvolley tournament in Hofstade.

Are you interested in competing in other sports or do you want to organize a sports day for your company, take a look at the FROS website, or contact us through

Desiring to try other sport disciplines (individual or in team), please contact us and we will examine the possibility to arrange a competition or an event in that discipline as well.