Corona, update !

2 April 2020

Dear sporters,

We do follow of course the advice of the government and strongly suggest therefore to delay all indoor sport events for an indefinite time. In practice, we ask every team captain to delay all future matches and inform both their team members as well as the repsonsibles of the playfields. This advice is both for the volleyball and football (futsal) competitions until further notice.

We thank you for your understanding,
The BBO board

Update, April 2nd 2020

Dear sportsman, dear sportswoman,

Given the advice of government and scientists and the actual trends concerning the evolution of the corona virus, the board of BBO has decided to end all BBO competitions for this season. We hope that this will take away any doubts whether your competition will restart or not and when. Your health and your family’s health is our prime concern. Due to the fact that in some BBO competitions not even half of the matches were played, we decided also not to name a champion for the competition 2019-2020 since this would not be fair towards those who played less matches.

For the same reason, the board has also decided to refund 25% of the club fee and to reduce the club fee for the upcoming season with 25% to thank you for your loyalty towards BBO if you decide to stay on board. For practical reasons, we will reduce the club fee of the upcoming season with 50% for those clubs who keep participating in the next season and to refund 25% of the current club fee for those who decide not to participate any longer, something we would regret of course. This practical arrangement is made in order not to increase the burden for your company accountants.

As board and as association we count on your support and understanding and we hope to see you all back in the fall of 2020 for the new competitions.

Meanwhile, keep it healthy for you and your beloved ones !
On behalf of the BBO board,
Patrick De Mazière, Treasurer BBO competitions